Want a head start on your dissertation? 

We have put together a series of skills workshops for practical tips and tools to help you effectively do the best dissertation you can. Invest in your dissertation early by coming to any or all of these sessions! 

This Communication Skills workshop focuses on two key aspects on communication: active listening and storytelling. 

You will gain skills in active listening skills with a special focus on partnership working situations, for example with someone from outside the university setting.  

You will also gain storytelling skills and be able to tell the story of your research and dissertation interests in the context of your own story. By approaching conversations about your research with a storytelling perspective, you will make deeper connections through the emotions and authenticity that comes with this technique. This is also a great way to construct interview answers!

There is an online delivery of this session on a different day so please be sure to select the right session/delivery type for your needs!

Wheelchair accessible

Venue to be announced. 

Family friendly