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Our Student-Led Volunteering Programme exists to give you the chance to develop your leadership and project management skills while running community volunteering projects that have a real impact on the lives of other Londoners. We provide students with regular support and guidance, project management training, and you can apply for up to £750 to help with running costs.

SLP news

We thought global warming would be the most relevant topic and it is the most debated topic in our daily lives.
I met the lovely Wong U Sin who studies biomedical sciences, and Hei Chan, who studies pharmacology at UCL to speak about their roles as Project Leaders for the Student-Led Project 'Extracurricular Day Project'.
It has also helped me realise that so many people are interested in food waste and how people would go an extra mile to help reduce food waste.
I spoke to the lovely Patricia Gimeno Le Paih, a second-year Biological Sciences undergraduate student, who is co-leading the Student-Led Project Zero Food Waste.
I think our project will highlight how stigma can influence your healthcare.
I spoke to the lovely Luke Muschialli, a second year Medical student who is currently co-leading the Student-Led Project
My Experience of Language and Cultural Day
I have recently volunteered for ‘the Language and Cultural Day’. At the one-day event, I taught Japanese culture and language to 30 local primary school students at UCL.