UCL We Are Donors
The aim of this new project is to increase awareness about the blood, tissue and organ donor crisis in the UK, which has been exacerbated by the difficulties posed by COVID-19. We want to promote donation by simplifying the donor process and make it less intimidating, especially for young people & students. We plan to organise a combination of workshops and talks for public school and UCL…

Are you passionate about saving lives through your actions and inspiring the next generation? Are you interested in flexible volunteering opportunities with UK registered charity and London public schools? Join us! We are recruiting volunteers for our Educational Talks Programme this year, and by joining us you will have the chance to educating young students about the importance of blood and organ donation! 

We offer schools a short presentation which our ambassadors deliver in person or online to pupils aged 11-18 for no cost. Our goal in this talk is to promote awareness of the critical issue of donor shortages and encourage discussion between pupils and parents, in line with the KS3 and 4 (including Welsh Baccalaureate) and the PSHE curriculum. 

So far the different ambassadors of We Are Donors around the UK have spoken to around 3,500 pupils around the UK and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Having completed over 100 talks we have a wealth of experience to overcome any challenges these difficult times throw our way.


Time commitment

Remote or at London schools
Travel expenses reimbursed (please see the Volunteering Service´s guidelines on how to claim expenses).
Application deadline
What measures have you put in place to ensure volunteers’ safety during COVID-19?

This is an opportunity offered by a Student-Led Volunteering Project. It is run by UCL students and supported and supervised by staff in Students' Union UCL Volunteering Service.