Meet your Sustainability Ambassadors for 2022-23 academic year!
The Students’ Union UCL wants to be a union that actively operates in line with and advocates for UCL students’ sustainability interests. To do so, we have recruited an excellent cohort of Sustainability Ambassadors at the beginning of the term.
17 Goals for People, for Planet
In September, as the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly commences, instead of focusing on a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal the UN turns to the Agenda 2030 project as a whole to reflect on progress and on how we can improve in the last 7.5 years before the year 2030.
Welcome One-Off Volunteering
The Welcome One-Offs are taking place during the Welcome Period between 19 September and 2 October 2022
The Union awarded at UCL Sustainability Awards 2022
Our journey to become the UK's most sustainable students' union, matching sector-leading sustainability ambitions of the university, has been recognised with the Award for Outstanding Sustainability Plan at UCL 10th Sustainability Awards cer
Fairtrade Award 2022
What is the Fairtrade Award?The Fairtrade website runs with the mantra ‘choose the world you want’. This simple phrase is pertinent to all the decisions we make as individuals and, of course, those we make as a world leading university.
"...This will be a legacy that can continue over time"
Kelly, from Thames Reach, gives us some insight into her experience working with the Student-Led Project (SLP) Open Space Redevelopment.
SDG#13 Climate Action, #14 Life below Water, and #15 Life on Land
The sustainable development goals are for people and planet and June is all about the planet. The Earth sustains us through maintaining a fragile and delicate balance between life on land, below water, and human activity.
Our Favourite Moments of the Year: 28 Days of Sustainability - it's time to make #ChangePossible
Our Favourite Moments of the Year: 28 Days of Sustainability - it's time to make #ChangePossibleSustainable UCL has organised the 28 Days of Sustainability campaign to draw atten
We thought global warming would be the most relevant topic and it is the most debated topic in our daily lives.
I met the lovely Wong U Sin who studies biomedical sciences, and Hei Chan, who studies pharmacology at UCL to speak about their roles as Project Leaders for the Student-Led Project 'Extracurricular Day Project'.
It has also helped me realise that so many people are interested in food waste and how people would go an extra mile to help reduce food waste.
I spoke to the lovely Patricia Gimeno Le Paih, a second-year Biological Sciences undergraduate student, who is co-leading the Student-Led Project Zero Food Waste.
SDG#15 Life on Land
SDG#15 Life on LandArguably, the most talked about facets of sustainability is environmental sustainability, of which a vital aspect is Life on Land.
28 days of Sustainability - Time to make #ChangePossible!
Our Favourite Moments of the YearWith the end of Term 3 approaching we are getting sentimental. It's been an amazing year returning to in-person events and volunteering and we've had fantastic numbers of students getting involved.
SDG #13 Climate Action
The Covid-19 pandemic and the conclusions of the COP26 in Glasgow have drawn attention to societal inequalities and injustices, as well as the climate crisis and its consequences.