Rep Elections

Could you be a future student leader?

Nominations in the 2022 Rep Elections have now opened! Each year in October, students at UCL vote to elect their part-time representatives for the upcoming year. Hundreds put themselves forward and thousands vote.

You can put yourself forward to be a Faculty Representative, Hall Representative, Activities Representative, Student Trustee, Club and Society Welfare Representative, Volunteering Representative, NUS Delegate, Network Representative or one of five Student Officers!

There are plenty of opportunities available and we're sure that you will find one that suits you!

Most of the positions are voluntary which you can do alongside your studies. Look at the next section to see what positions are available.

What can you do?

Below are a list of Role Descriptions to give you an overview of what each position involves

Student Officers


Network Committees

The LGBT+ Network has additional roles, which you can see on its network page.

Key Dates

MIlestonedate (2022)Time
Nominations Open12 September09:00
Nominations Deadline
(Including Manifestos)
17 October12:00
Candidate Briefing18 October 16:30
Candidate Campaign
19 October15:00
Candidates Announced19 October
Campaigning Starts20 October 00:01
Voting Opens 24 October09:00
Deadline for Submitting Budgets28 October10:00
Voting Closes28 October 12:00
Deadline for Submitting Complaints28 October 13:00
Results Announcement28 October 18:30


If you want to have an informal chat with a staff member or a current officer about standing for election, leave your details below and we'll get in contact.

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If you are interested in standing in the elections, have a look at our Manifesto Guide

See what our candidates in the Spring 2022 Leadership Race included in their manifestos

Your questions answered

How do elections take place?

Campaigning will take place online and in-person. Candidates can share a manifesto to attract voters. Students will vote via a secure part of our website.

Will I get support during the election?

Yes, we have a staff team ready to help you! They can talk to you about different roles, how to reach potential voters and support you during voting week.

Can I stand for more than one position?

Yes, as long as they don't sit on the same Policy Zone or Union Executive. Email for further clarification.

Do I have to write something to support my nomination?

Yes, once you submit your nomination you will be prompted to write a manifesto about what you want to achieve in the role. Have a look at section above for some inspiration.

Can I run if I'm Postgraduate?

Yes, absolutely!

What happens if I win?

You will find out on Friday 28 October whether you have been successful. You will be invited to further training and meetings from Monday 31 October onwards.

Who can vote for me?

Everyone who is eligible to stand for a position is able to vote for that position. Some positions, like NUS Delegate are open to all students and therefore all students will be able to vote. On the other hand, only Research students can nominate and vote in the Research Students' Officer election.

What are the rules?

In order for our elections to be fair, transparent and legally compliant, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. We have condensed them to be as clear and easy to understand as possible. The election rules can be found here.

I would like to make an elections complaint

Submit your complaint using the official complaints form.

Can you share the role with another person?

The Student Officer positions are eligible for a job-share.

What are the time commitments? And will I be eligible for the role?

To see the eligibility requirements and time commitment for each role please review role descriptions above

Will there be training and opportunities for development?

Yes, plenty. You will gain more experience just from being in the role. There will also be the opportunity to go to events and conferences relevant to your officer role as well as opportunities to work on projects that you are passionate about. 

Where will the roles be based?

You can work from home, attend virtual events and in-person at our Bloomsbury and UCL East Campus. We also have an office at 25 Gordon Street where you are welcome to work.

How can I get further advice?

We're here to help - the first point of call will be our Elections team, you can reach them on drop us an email and we'll get you speaking to the right people.