What would you like the Union to do?

The Union to lobby the university to increase the allowance for 2 overnight guests for a maximum of 10 nights in any 30-day period. This rule is in place at University of London Accommodation, and this is a fair compromise compared to the current 3 nights in a rolling month rule. We will be entirely responsible for our guests and ensure behave appropriately. We are adults and have the capacity to act appropriately. If COVID still is an issue, proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test can be provided, but hopefully, this will be eventually phased out as the pandemic situation improves.

Why would you like to do this?

I would like to make this change as 3 nights in a rolling month is unfair. We are responsible adults, therefore we should be able to have guests as this is our place of residence for us to use, so a compromise must be put in place.

How will this affect students?

This will be of great benefit for everyone living in halls, especially those who are international students with visiting friends and family, and in fact, anyone with visiting friends and family or even a student who is in a long-distance relationship would significantly benefit from this policy adjustment. Simple changes like this will drastically improve our experience in halls.