What would you like the Union to do?

The Union to lobby the university for communal spaces to be opened 24/7 for everyone living in their respective hall.

Why would you like to do this?

The current 11pm curfew is unfair and is comparable to a boarding school. By using a common room, there will actually be less noise as in my hall (John Dodgson) as the common room is in the basement of the building where noise cannot be heard anywhere else. Using multiple kitchens is more cramped and would in fact disturb more people. If there is a noise complaint or any issues, the on-site security can tackle this issue which should be their job instead of removing adults from their common living space. This policy change would also allow me, as well as other hall reps, to more easily organize community events to bring the hall closer together such as a movie night, or watching sports as a group when they are late at night.

How will this affect students?

We will have our freedom to actually live in our halls like our own home. If the community events I mentioned before are able to happen, our halls will become much more social, and instead of meeting people only taking place in the lifts or in our own flats, we would have a common space all the time to do this.