Native Scientist
Ethnic minority and migrant pupils face multiple challenges when arriving to a new country and are two times more likely to underachieve in school than their non-migrant peers.Native Scientist is a non-profit organisation that connects migrant pupils with scientists to broaden pupils' horizons and promote scientific literacy and higher education. 
Idea for research
Idea for research
We work across Europe and provide different interventions to try and make a difference and make fair and equitable access to science education - we have 3000+ scientists working to do this and 20,000 relationships between scientist and child.

Our work is fully aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and the European Union's goals and priorities. We provide: Heritage Schools (delivering science workshops in the heritage language of ethnic minority and migrant children); a project for 10-17 years olds in Portuguese-speaking countries; scientists returning to their primary schools to deliver science workshops; training for labs/museums; and science communication training.

We hope to develop with you a project around an analysis of a preliminary dataset of survey data from Native Scientist volunteers (mostly PhD students and postdocs in STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Volunteers were surveyed on their motivation and experience in science outreach.

We are really happy to have an introductory chat and share ideas to start the co-design process!
Impact of idea
Findings could help us build our service by understanding the motivators of our volunteers which in turn will help more underserved children get a positive science education experience, bettering their future.

If you have any existing data or information you would like included in a project, please tell us what kind of data these are

Application process
Application criteria
Is this project fully accessible to students with the disabilities?