Talking About Our Generations
We are an intergenerational group who prior to the pandemic met monthly to share our stories around a theme over a cup of tea. Our members ages span from 20s to 90s and we feel like a family of wonderful friends. The topics we have covered include how we would like to be remembered, our favourite songs and school holiday memories. We admit we regularly go off topic but that is half the fun and we…
Idea for research
Idea for research
We would be interested in seeing what the benefits of being part of a collaborative cross generational group are. We know there are benefits to physical and mental health of our members of all ages. We know we reduce isolation, improve confidence and self worth and are empowering. We also know we give our members a purpose, even if it is just having responsibility for creating the quiz we have at the start of the club.

We thought a qualitative analysis of some interviews with members of our group with the aim of drawing out what they believe the benefits are from their participation and why the group works so well for them. We can help with this aspect too if that would be beneficial. Obviously it would be interesting to see how this correlates with current research.
Impact of idea
It will help us evidence our impact, build on it and add to it.

It would help us get funding, we currently have none.

We are also keen to share our knowledge with others as we would love everyone to have access to a group like ours and so an unbiased review would be great.
We are a small but friendly group and will help you in any way we can. As we formed to share memories and stories you should be able to get lots of relevant information from our members.
Application process
Application criteria
Being a good listener and friendly. An interest in wellbeing and/or seeing beyond the negative stereotypes of ageing would probably help but aren't necessary.

As we are a new organisation run by volunteers we haven't yet documented what we do well. As a lot of it is intangible we would need help to learn how to obtain this information and how to best use it.
DBS needed
Is this project fully accessible to students with the disabilities?
Disabilities information
The venues we use are accessible and if there are any other adjustments required we will do our best to make them in the timescale required.