Healthwatch Camden
We are a valuable voice in health and social care in Camden. We give out information and advice and champion equality for local people. We have the power to influence the delivery and design of local services, and work in partnership with local organisations. We help shape local services not just for the people who use them, but also for anyone who might need to in future.
Idea for research
Idea for research
The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the switch to digital and remote health care services within the NHS. For some patients, this type of service is more convenient and accessible. It also allows the provider to see more patients in a day. However, for those who are digitally excluded, have a disability or have another communication support need, in-person traditional appointments are still best. Healthwatch Camden continues to advocate that face to face appointments must be available for those who need them.

However, we believe there is a cohort of patients who would benefit from using digital NHS services, don't have any major barriers, yet are resistant or unable to access them. We are seeking a graduate level student to research how to empower people to learn and gain the skills and resources to use digital health care services. In addition to research, this will include the development of a toolkit or small project.
Impact of idea
This research will increase health care access for the population in Camden and North Central London, especially vulnerable residents who were unable to access digital services previously, yet weren't always qualified for face-to-face care. The NHS is continuing to move more digital and it is important that patients are not left behind.

If you have any existing data or information you would like included in a project, please tell us what kind of data these are

Application process
Application criteria
Someone who is passionate about health care access for vulnerable residents, someone with experience reviewing existing literature and best practices, someone with exposure to quantitative and qualitative research methods.
DBS needed
Is this project fully accessible to students with the disabilities?
Disabilities information
Healthwatch Camden will make all required adjustments to ensure full accessibility of this role for people with disabilities.