Breteau Foundation
At the Breteau Foundation (BF), we believe in working towards a world where every disadvantaged child can access quality education regardless of their background or location.Since 2015, our foundation has been dedicated to improving academic engagement of disadvantaged children worldwide. Through teacher training, development and distribution of technology and quality educational content, we are…
Idea for research
Idea for research
The Breteau Foundation has been delivering quality education programmes to disadvantaged children across Latin America since 2016. Our work to date has reached more than 19,000 children across the region and continues to rapidly expand. With the growth of our reach and impact, comes the need to review and evaluate our existing approaches, practices and tools in the context of the broader education and non-profit sectors.
Impact of idea
The Foundation is rapidly expanding its work with very limited resources and capacity. This research will support us with the ability to review the effectiveness of our programmes and inform how we adapt our implementation and products in alignment with regional standards and the broader education and non-profit sectors (ie. national curriculums, education policies, global SDGs).

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Application process
Application criteria
- Preferred experience in the education or non-profit sectors
- Preferred Spanish and English speakers
- Required skills in research, analysis and reporting
- Strong verbal and written communication
DBS needed
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Work from home option is available for this role.