Idea for research
Idea for research
Research into the views of non active members and the wider market of potential members. We want to understand what the community thinks of us and where and how we may need to change.
Impact of idea
We are a voluntary organisation with about 1,200 members in Highgate and run by around 100 active members, many of whom are recently retired because this age group has the time and still has energy. However, this leaves around 1,100 members who are not active as volunteers though they may attend some of our events. There is an estimated target market of around 12,000 to 15,000 residents in Highgate who could be eligible for membership.

Members who are not volunteers are important because all members pay an annual membership fee and the income sustains our organisation. The number of members has drifted down over the last decade by around 10% to 20%. We want to understand what are non active members and target market knows and thinks about the Highgate Society, what they do or don't value and how we need to change to maintain our relevance.
Although various faculties and departments have been selected, many other backgrounds could be relevant for candidates who with an aptitude and interest in the research outlined.

If you have any existing data or information you would like included in a project, please tell us what kind of data these are

Application process
Application criteria
Good interpersonal skills and a willingness to engage with a range of age groups and backgrounds with open minded curiosity. Some data analysis skills would be useful. report writing skills and powerpoint or similar. No particular experience is necessary.
Is this project fully accessible to students with the disabilities?
Disabilities information
The Society's hall is accessible. Further discussion would be needed as suitability would depend on the nature of disabilities.