National Federation of Parks & Green Spaces
The Federation works with the dynamic and inspirational grassroots movement of over 7,000 local Friends of Parks groups, supporting volunteers who act on behalf of the communities who use and care about our vital public green spaces of all kinds. We exist to represent their activities, issues and concerns and strengthen their passionate and knowledgeable voices.
Idea for research
Idea for research
The National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces is the democratic voice of the important and inspirational grassroots movement of over 7,000 Friends of Parks Groups across the UK.

Part of our mission is to encourage local groups to develop their membership, strength, inclusion and diversity - so they can better reflect and represent the interests of the range of people who use their local spaces eg by age, ethnicity, social class and interests. Also the development of local partnerships.
We have identified the need for research on this issue, and feel that much could be achieved with a supervised group working closely with us.
Impact of idea
The research could be UK-wide in scope but have a specific focus on our current target regions (B'ham and London, possibly Edinburgh) and the 14 other smaller 'areas of focus' around Britain.
Any good practice identified can be promoted through the Friends Groups' local, regional and national networks, and by our greenspace partners at a national level.

What new data or information would you like to be collected in this project?

Application process
Application criteria
We would be happy to welcome anyone with skills in survey design, desktop statistical research and analysis, tracking down and writing up case studies on good practice (eg examples of friends groups' diversification successes), oral interviews, reports, tracking down previous relevant dissertations etc.
Disabilities information
There will be adjustments able to be made, absolutely. Very much open to discussions about what is needed for fully participation and wellbeing of researcher.