As we enter the main exam period, it is possible that your revision or exams may be unexpectedly disrupted. If your assessments are impacted by serious events such as illness or bereavement, you can apply for Extenuating Circumstances. You can check what kind of circumstances are covered in UCL’s Extenuating Circumstances Procedure.

UCL has a Self-Certification Extenuating Circumstances Policy in place for the 2021/22 academic. This means that you can self-certify without providing evidence for up to two separate 14-day periods in the academic year. Where students can self-certify, mitigation is limited to:

  • Deferral without Tuition to the next normal occasion (typically the Late Summer Assessment Period) for controlled condition exams
  • Extension of 2 hours per 24-hour period for take-home papers (including 24-hour assessments)
  • Deferral without Tuition to the next normal occasion (timing determined by the department) for quizzes and in-class tests
  • Deferral without Tuition (timing determined by the department) for practical exams
  • Extension of up to two weeks for dissertation/research projects
  • Extension of up to one week for coursework and other assessments

If the mitigation you require is not included in UCL’s Self-Certification Policy, you will need to provide evidence to support your EC claim. You can find more information about what can be used as evidence in UCL’s Extenuating Circumstances Procedure.

If you would like to submit an EC claim, you will need to fill out an EC form and send it to your department. Details of where to submit the form should be in your Student Handbook. EC forms must be submitted within one week of the extenuating circumstance taking place, so don’t delay submitting your form if you think your assessments will be affected!

You might not be sure what type of mitigation would be best for your situation. In this case, please speak to your academic department who should be happy to discuss the options. This way, you're less likely to need to make multiple EC claims.

If you still have any questions, or would like some support filling out an EC form, you can contact the Advice Service using our online form.