The main exam period will take place from 25 April to 27 May 2022. To help you navigate these upcoming assessments, we have put together some exam preparation guidance and tips.

Find out the date and time of your exams

If you are taking centrally managed exams in the main exam period, your timetable should have been published on 28th February. You can find instructions on how to view your exam timetable on the UCL website.

If you are taking any exams which are managed by your department, they may not appear on your timetable. Your department will provide you with information about these exams instead.

Check what type of exam you are taking

Some of your exams may last for 24-hours, whilst others may run for a shorted duration within the 24-hour window, so make sure to double check the timings of each of your exams in advance.

Sit a practice exam on AssessmentUCL

All centrally managed exams will take place on UCL’s digital platform AssessmentUCL. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to use the online assessment platform and sit a practice exam on the UCL website.

Apply for exam adjustments

If you have a disability or any other health conditions that may impact your exams, you can apply for reasonable adjustments. For the main exam period, you must ensure that your application is submitted by Monday 11th April. You can find more information about applying for exam adjustments on the UCL website.

Plan your revision

Taking the time to plan your revision in advance is hugely valuable and will help you feel less overwhelmed about your workload. Make sure to create a revision timetable, set realistic targets and schedule in regular study breaks.

You can find some further tips to help you plan and prepare for your exams in UCL’s Assessment Success Guide.

Speak to someone

If you are struggling with some pre-exam stress or finding it difficult to revise, speak to someone about it. UCL’s Student Support and Wellbeing team is on hand to offer support, as is the telephone and online counselling service Care First.

If you'd like to talk to one of your peers about any worries, check out our one to one peer support sessions.
They can't help with your specific subject, but provide a space to open up and get some initial support with any struggles.