Kaito and Ya-Hsuan are Project Leaders of the Volunteering-Led Project  UCLef that aims to share the beauty of Western-classical music with those who are socially, economically and physically disadvantaged.

UCLef recently performed a socially distanced concert streamed to people suffering homelessness over the Christmas period. 
Watch the performance here and read on to find out how you can get involved. 

Why did you decide to start this Student-Led Project?

I was aware that there are many people who do not have access to listen to the classical music even though the music should always be everywhere and equally disseminated to everyone. I also believe in the power of classical performance as it has great therapeutic effect on healing people who are suffering from physical and mental health issues. In order to contribute to these problems, I had been thinking the idea of "music sharing" since I began to learn the music, however, it had been quite difficult to take the action only by myself. Finally, I found the SLP project where I can realise my long dream and succeeded to launch my programme there. 

What's your experience as a Project Leader?

Under the COVID-19 constraint, it has been difficult to manage all our activities remotely. Everything being unpredicted, we need to continue trial and error. I am realising it is hard to recruit many applicants effectively even though there are huge number of students at UCL. 

What have you enjoyed most about running this project?

As being in the performer's side, I enjoy delivering our genuine classical performance and it is a great pleasure receiving the positive feedback from the community partners. As the project leader, it has been quite a meaningful opportunity for me to learn how to organise volunteers well. 

We are eager to recruit more violinists, violists and cellists!

UCLef are looking for performers who are motivated to be involve in community engagement. You can experience a unique time sharing your music with people in need, develop your musical talents and team-working skills. If you are interested in finding out more or signing up to volunteer - get in touch with Kaito and Ya-Hsuan here.

 Want to start your own Student-led Volunteering Project? Find out more and share your ideas with us here!


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