Academic Reps do one of the most important jobs in the Union - they make sure you have a voice in your education.

Each month, we’re featuring your reps and the work they’re doing to make UCL better. If you have an idea about how to improve your course, your department or UCL you can contact your own Academic Rep using our Find Your Rep page.

February's Academic Rep of the month is: Tiffany Chan

We were so impressed with the time and effort Tiffany put into writing a report on students’ feedback that she received through surveys and discussions. She created a lengthy report using graphs and quotes and provided alternatives and solutions to the issues. We also appreciate the way they worked together with the lead departmental rep; we very much encourage collaborations between reps and lead departmental reps. 

Excellent work, Tiffany!

Here's a bit more about Tiffany:

Hi everyone! I'm Tiffany, a 2nd year Arts and Sciences (BASc) student majoring in Cultures. As a BASc-er, you could probably tell that my interest lies all over the place, but what I love to do is drawing connections between different things. I love playing basketball and am a member of the UCLWB, playing with the 2s. I also enjoy singing and am a soprano in the University of London Chamber Choir (ULCC).

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