Academic Reps do one of the most important jobs in the Union - they make sure you have a voice in your education.

Each month, we’re featuring your reps and the work they’re doing to make UCL better. If you have an idea about how to improve your course, your department or UCL you can contact your own Academic Rep using our Find Your Rep page.

April's Academic Rep of the month is: Shefali Mishra

We are so impressed with how proactive Shefali has been in responding to concerns over the proximity of module assessment deadlines this term, working with module leaders to action extensions to provide students with sufficient time between deadlines. This has led to a broader conversation regarding planning deadlines for modules in the next academic year in order to make sure students can manage their time appropriately. Shefali has also helped organise a series of career sessions with UCL alumni next month for their cohort, as well as a ‘study hall’ session to allow students to come together during term 3.

Amazing work, Shefali!

Here's a bit more about Shefali:

I am Shefali, a postgraduate student of M.A. Education and Technology at the Institute of Education. I have enjoyed the opportunity of being an Academic Representative this year where I got the chance to take students' concerns and feedback to the Staff Committee meetings and work together on brainstorming possible solutions.

My interest lies in people development and designing interactive learning programs. From the range of previous professional experiences, I have learnt that succeeding alone is an incomplete journey. The actual success lies in building and working for growth of the communities around you. 

I thrive in keeping myself meaningfully busy and active, that made me join the Students Support & Wellbeing Team at UCL and UCL Consulting Society apart from the Academic Rep role this year.

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